Sunday, October 9, 2011

Johnny Ang Mo, Reborn and Teppanyaki..

I finally watch the movie : Johnny English, Reborn, last evening.

I started laughing the moment i see Rowan Atkinson, i started laughing. HAHA!
Please go watch it, as it really very funny. =)

And owing Ms Sheila, a super belated birthday of more than a year, i decided to buy her dinner.
She suggested eating Sakae Teppanyaki, i was for it too, as i had not eaten it before. HAHA!

We were so hungry, and engrossed in catching up and forgot to take photos of the food.


I took one, with the chef "performing" in front of us. 

It was my first time eating Teppanyaki, having the chef cooking in front of us, and it was like a magician performing magic.. I enjoy it, and the food. =) 

Have you tried Teppanyaki before ?


  1. hahahah the movie was funny indeed! but dnt like the stupid act of him! grr!

  2. Mr Bean is always funny! And yes, I'm too used to calling him as Mr Bean than his real name. :D

  3. Caroline: It is sis! Was laughing throughout.. HAHA!!

    Zazabong: Me too.. i know him as Mr Bean. HAHA!!

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