Sunday, October 16, 2011

Titanium Bracelet

On the packaging, it wrote : It can work on areas with poor blood circulation, to relieve shoulder discomfort, fatigue and stress, etc..

I not sure if it works.. Since it was not expensive, ($2 from Daiso) so i bought it.

I heard of this before, but was not really convinced by it.. =x

Anyway decided to give it a try. 

If it's good, i shall buy for mum, who always complain of the knees, and legs aching..

My dear readers, have you tried such Titanium Bracelets before?
Do share with me.. ok? =)


  1. My father love it so much he can spend few hundred on those bracelets. Im not sure if it works though. Not that old enough to try out those things. Lol..

  2. Princess Lala: Wah.. not cheap leh. =)

    I'm Yen: Hi, thank you for visiting! =)
    Daiso is like a $2 shop. All items, $2. Not sure if your area have one?
    For more info here:


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