Monday, November 14, 2011

Taiwan Pineapple Shortcake in Singapore

Have you even eaten 鳳梨酥 or Pineapple Shortcakes from Taiwan?

They are nicely packed, a great gift for friends and relatives.
I also bought some while i visited Taiwan in July this year..

Today, while surfing around on Youtube, i came across this video.

It seems like Taiwan Pineapple Shortcakes are available in Singapore's Raffles Hotel !

My first thought : having a store at this place, the rental must be expensive and therefore the price of the items too.
Anyway, hope to see more Taiwan food here!



  1. aww i wish there are some in malaysia too!


  2. Fish: Thank you for comment! Yup, hope can move to Malaysia soon.

  3. woot! no wonder u were intrigued with the pineapple cake in my blog entry :D


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