Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekends without TV.

I was away to my colleague's house in Malaysia on Friday night and was only home on the Saturday afternoon.

While waiting for the lift of my block, Mum, Brother and his girlfriend appeared.
A disaster had been revealed to me, on the spot.

My one and only TV set in the house is down !

Disastrous !

Because Grandma, will be bored. (Watching TV was her best companion and entertainment.)
The family will be much quieter, as we won't get to watch the Taiwan drama, together. (Insert Sad Face.)

Anyway, the new one will be coming in on Monday.

Early Christmas present for the house!!

However, the Samsung S II i am aiming is out of stock! I am still waiting for my Christmas present. =P

The coming two weeks might be super busy at work due to company Year End closing.
Wish me luck !

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