Monday, January 2, 2012

First day of 2012

Happy New Year, everyone!

How was the countdown on the New Year eve?
I was at home, with my beer and titbits, and counting down with the "Live" countdown on TV. As i get older, i realized i cannot stand the crowds.. =P

And then, on the first day of the new year, i went to Malaysia, early in the morning.

JUSCO, Tebrau City, and they already start their Chinese New Year events, playing the songs. =)

Next stop.
Let you all guess where did we go to?

Johor Premium Outlet !!
The place where all the branded shops are, Burberry, Coach, Armani Exchange...
The few of us, with the help of our Malaysia friend, drove up to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO).

Few things to take note, the super long queues of cars trying to get into the place..
You need to pay to get parking.. (*cough* but you MIGHT not need to. =P)
The place was over crowded.. (I almost fainted myself.)
There were limited machines to pay for the parking.

And, after this, i dont think im going there again. Not my type of place. =)

Anyway, there was this very cool spectacle i saw outside a shop. Who will wear this?? =P

Not a wasted trip, i managed to get two belts, three tshirts, good food, and of course quality time with friends! =)

Best part, Monday is not a working day, so we shall have Tuesday to Friday Blues!! =D

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