Sunday, January 29, 2012

采花贼 (The flower thief )

The Sentosa flower festival, is an annual event, usually during the Chinese New Year, and of course, super crowded.

My friends and i visited last year too, we decided to visit it again this year too!! =)

Greeted by this RWS logo, when we arrived..

The "turning" Dragon ...

This year, the flowers and decorations was not as much (As compared to last year.)... i had to sit down and think of ways.. (HAHA!)

Anyway, we still continue moving, among the crowds..sight seeing and taking photos..

Interesting, spotted a bee !

And a few girls, using their soft toys, to take pictures with them.. (I admit, i laughed at them very loudly.)

Nemo!! =)

Some decorations, we need to queue in order to take photo with it.
And since it was super long queue for the "heart shape" one, i decided to stand somewhere near and make it look as if i was in between the "heart".


One day 采花贼 !


Hi, thank you for comment !
Do visit again !! ^.^

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