Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hong Wei, 2012

February, my birthday month !!

It started with a dinner with my friends, at Jumbo seafood. (The crabs, you got it right!)

The yummy black pepper crabs.. *slurps*

And the next early morning, i was on a boat, leaving Stressful Singapore, Behind !!

And, landed up in Batam, with my friends!!

Shopping, food, sight-seeing.. the usual laughing and enjoying the trip..

The beer was so cheap (as compared to Singapore), so what can we do? =P

Although we only stay a night at the hotel, the breakfast sure made me happy.. =P

Thank you all friends, for the presents, the trip, the wishes from Facebook, Twitter, sms, whatsapp. =)

It was a great celebration! The last one before i hit 30.



  1. Happy birthday to u again, bro! ;) Glad u had a great one! :D

  2. what a great birthday you have. Long time I didn't really celebrate with my friends.. only with my kids and hubby now..

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm so jealous of you! Batam sounds amazing. Always wanted to go there!

  4. Caroline: Thank you sis!! =)
    Irene: Hi Irene, thank you for visiting! I can understand it is harder, but then, im sure the hubby and kids will celebrate with you too! =)

    Elizabeth: Thank you! You should go visit it, relaxing place, as compared to Singapore.

  5. HAISH. When the ching ching comes my way. :)

  6. Elizabeth: It will, it will. Cheer up! =)


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