Monday, April 30, 2012

Keep running

Today, i actually ran from Bukit Batok, which is the area i am staying, to Chinese Garden, and back to Bukit Batok.

As what my RunKeeper app was tracking on my mobile phone, it recorded as distance of 10.3km. (this inclusive of the walking and drinking break..)

The last time i did a 10km was in Dec 2011, the Stand Chart run.

I did felt the left knee aching while im on the way back... but then i think i should keep exercising regularly.

Especially after i had this last night.

The KFC "Double Down" Two pieces of deep fried chicken, with a cheese and bacon in between.
Sinful, much !! HAHA !

Maybe this picture, will motive me, and of course, you !



  1. Keep Running Buddy, cut out the kFC huhu or you wont get the desired looked or fitness your trying to achieve, I lost alot of weight by cutting out starchy carbs like pasta,bread,rice and if you run 5-10km 4-5 days week you will loose the weight easily, on weekends I use as my cheat days for sweet stuff I dont go overboard but its my days I can eat whatever.

    1. Thank you brother!
      Yup. need to cut down on the food intake, and exercise more. =)
      Thank you for the encouragement ! ^^


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