Friday, April 6, 2012

The SMRT girl at the bus stop..

Everyday to work..
Everyday at this particular bus stop along the way...

On the already crowded bus, there will be a girl, wearing the SMRT polo shirt, shouting "Please kindly move in, Thank You!!"

Today, due to me standing near the door, i secretly took her photo.. (without the face,to protect her. and myself..)

There she is, standing in front of me, shouting loudly..

The bus is already crowded, i did not pay the bus fare, to let the other people touch my backside. (Although i do enjoy ladies touching me.. =x ) I still dont understand her shouting for people to move it.

Maybe you din realize, we also have such SMRT staff, at the mrt control stations...
Their slogan being "Please let passengers alight, before boarding.."

This is the current situation of our public transports.. even during timing like 10+pm in the night... No Joke.

I think their next duty will be this.........

"Pushing" people into the train !



  1. LOL. Yes I also hate the crowd at Jurong East. It's really mad crowded!

  2. I will remember this the next time I get on the train in New York's never nearly that crowded, even at the height of rush hour!

  3. aww the crowd at MRT is similar to the traffic congestion on the road in Malaysia. Everyone is honking as if nobody can hear them.

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  4. Cherry : Me too.. High Five! ^^

    Malea: It is kinda too crowded here, really.. =(

    Fish: I see.. That's bad... =(

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