Friday, May 11, 2012

Oops, i did it again.

After the passing away of my hammy, i was so sad and still so. (I seriously don't like to see animals dying.)

I stopped for a while, thinking whether i should keep them again, with fear of seeing them again.

And then, one of my friend, whose hamster gave birth to a few new babies, wanted to give to me. 

I thought about it, and agree to keep them! ^^

Cute, aren't them ? =P

However at the Day Three of them in the same cage, i realized them sort of fighting against each other.
One of my previous two hamsters, was bitten to death, as i did not realized they were fighting.. (I keep thinking they were playing with each other.)

I checked any signs of injuries on them, but did not seem to see any. However i spotted them biting each other.. or tried to bite each other.

Friends who have hamsters at home, how to tell if they are playing or fighting ?
Wanna share tips ??


  1. Bro, u mean the first two days, they werent placed in the same cage isit?

  2. Sis, they are.
    But then dont know why, they fight/"play" after few days inside... and i realized one got injured. So i separated them.



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