Friday, June 8, 2012

Polite, or Pushy ?

Hello all, when you go shopping, do you like the Sales Assistants to follow or service you ?

Yes, we enter the shop, they greeted us, this i accept.

It becomes too pushy, when they follow you behind like a shadow.

For example :
I walk into a male clothing shop.

"Hi, Good afternoon." The pretty lady will greet.
"Hello.." is my usual reply, and walks around the shop.

Next she will start saying, this and that having discounts..
"Oh.. ok, thank you." Will be my reply.

Continues walking around. At this point, usually the lady will shadow you.
"This one is having  xx% discounts..." and smiles sweetly.
"Oh, ok.." My reply again, and continue looking around.

Continue shadowing you...
"This looks good on you.." she will say.
"Oh, really??" I will reply her.

I will then walk out of the shop. This is due to me, not liking someone to shadow me around.

The normal reaction from the lady will be giving a "I don't care" face to you.

Such "pushy" sales are being encountered when i visited jewellery shops. They push the expensive items, and push you to buy. They show you the "Oh, you just can't afford to buy" kind of face. (Not even a thank you as i walk out the shop.)

Call me bad attitude, i will usually walk out of the shop.  I got the money i also don't want to buy from you. I want to spend my money, happily. (BLEH!)

Do you like someone "shadow-ing" you when you are shopping? 


  1. I will usually walk out of the shop if the sales assistant is shadowing over me too much. But I guess, that is maybe required of them? Else, it is not very nice if they are seem not 'entertaining' the customer...LOL!

  2. Hi Pris,
    Thank you for visiting me!
    Yup, its their job to shadow, my turn to walk out the shop. =P


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