Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Wifi Problem..

Long long time ago, after the 3GS, died on me, i bought myself a Samsung S2.

I was an happy user..
Able to customize more on my phone..
Able to have fun widgets....
A bigger screen...

However, good things don't last.

I start to realize there are some "not so good things" about it. 

My phone started to shut down on its own.
System hanged.
And the most recent, problem, i was unable to connect to the wifi.

A video of the problem i facing.

十萬個為什麼 (100,000 why?) i asked..

Anyone of you facing the same problem? Got any solutions?? =)
Share share ok??

Maybe i should wait for the follow device.

The iPhone 20 !

Or lagi better, the iPhone 101 !!


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