Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting grumpy ?

As i age, i realized i am getting grumpy.

Scenario 1.

Last Friday at a Japanese restaurant, after dinner and i was queuing up to make payment.
There was only one counter, the queue was long.

There was supposed to be a receipt of list of items i ordered. I did not get it.
"I will quote the table number.." i thought to myself..

There was already about 3 people queuing in front of me.

Holding my credit card in my hand, finally it was my turn, and yes, i quoted the guy my table number. He generated the bills.
As i was going through the items, the guy grabbed my card from my hand. (He must be very desperate for my payment.)

My mind went -__-''

He thank me in the end, but my reply to him was : " Next time, dont grab people's card away like that. "And, walked off.

Scenario 2.

Seated at a table, while going through the menu, the waitress approached and check with us if we can change the to another table. (The incoming team was of 8 people.)
Being nice, we agreed.

But, so much for being nice.
Seat was being shifted to the most corner of the dessert place, and the air con was blasting onto me.
Best part of all, no one bothered to take my order, i had to walk to the counter to do so.

The next irrirated thing was, the same waitress who requested me to change seat, ask me to go back and prepare the money to pay. (Huh? I have not even eaten, and you asking me to pay??)

Feeling irritated.

I paid my $8.30 bill, with a $5 note, and the rest in coins. (Bleh!!)

Am i becoming more and more grumpy ?

Or i am just bad ??

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