Friday, December 14, 2012

Full of Shit

That day, while having lunch, one of our lunch khaki had bird shit falling on her arm.

"Eeeee...." she shouted. And grabbing tons of tissue paper to clean it.

We had a good laugh that day.

* * * * * * * *

Sorry to laugh at her.
Last evening when i was on my way home after work, i encountered the same situation.

I was traveling up the escalator to take the public bus home.. when i reached the platform, "some liquid" fall onto my hair. (I felt it but then thought it was rain, as it was raining.. but i forgot the platform area was sheltered.)

I ignored, and continue walking.

Suddenly ! I saw the right of my polo tee, there is this whitish, plus a bit of yellowish substance...

Oh no! It's bird shit !!!!
Laugh at me, i actually took some and smell it. (To double confirm.)

I rushed to the nearest toilet to clean it up.

My first time.
I wonder how many people saw this.......

I must really shout, HUAT ah !! (My favorite word to use.)
Huat (pronounced as Huat), is the hokkien language for prosperous. 

A day full of shit.
At work, and on my head.

HUAT ah !

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