Sunday, February 3, 2013

Filling 1 Litre water into a 500ml water bottle.

Last week. there was a news article about the Government, with plans to have our population to 6.9 million by 2030...

And the next few days, there were articles of reclaiming the land.. new mrt routes.. better health planning..

From the way it looks, the 2 x following pictures might really come true.. ?

On Friday, someone wrote an article on, on his views of increasing population to 7 million.
A big big NO, was being reflected in that article.

I think most of us would also think so..

My personal encounters on our public transport was also frustrating.
Let me share, my personal experience (photos), on my way home, and to work.

1) This is a very common situation when i go to work. (Yes, i don't own a car, with the almost SGD 100k COE price), often, or rather on many occasions, we are being forced to squeeze ourself, onto that bus, in order to report on time for work.
This also occur during the knock off timing.

2) This is also another common scene we often see, everyday, on our MRT platform.
The platform, overcrowded, and trains being delayed.
My personal experience, the next train to arrive 3 mins later, i stood there for 10 mins, no train arrived, and the crowds just keep coming in. 

And then, you would say, why dont we go home at a later timing, or go to work at an earlier timing ?

For me, if there is chance to sleep for that extra 5 mins, i would do so. (let me know if you wont.)

As for going home, at a later timing?

Check out my next photo.

Guess what time is this?
It was 11+pm in the night.
I was still being squeezed to the corner of the door area..

Let's see, now there is about 5.3 million people here, i will experience such situation....
How will it be like with 6.9 million population ?

It's not only about the transport.. the housing.. the medical.. having more people to fight for that one job...

Singapore is getting more stressful.

Only one expression.

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