Thursday, July 25, 2013

Run Run Run

Long time since i posted running post.

( Yes, i been lazy, and busy.HAHA! )

Anyway, took part in the Jurong Lake Run 2013, in July 2013.
It was a 10km run, and of a good weather ! ^^

The cheering from the volunteers helped too.
Their "加油,加油。。"
And, of course, the very important Water Points that i aimed to reach, so that i can have some water to drink, and carry on running.

With mixture of runs and walks.. i managed to find the run. *(Timing was not important, finishing the race was.)

Trying to motivate myself at the 9km marking with this photo...

Continued running and, i reached !

Well done, next run soon.


  1. ooo, you joined the runner gang :D
    which race is your next on the challenge?

    - xysg

    1. Yup! But no as active like before. Toned down. =P
      No more race at the moment.. but there's tons to take part in towards the end of the year!

      You can join !! =P


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