Sunday, August 18, 2013

2-room HDB flats for singles ?

Came across this article while reading news on the internet.

HDB launches 2-room flats in non-mature estates for eligible singles
An old news, i guess many would have already read it. It reported that for those singels who earn up to S$5,000 per month and are 35 years and above, can buy a 2 room flat, non-mature estates!

If i am not married by then, i might want to get one 2 room flat, plant some plants at the corridor.
I can watch them grow everyday..

Come to think of it, times and rules keep changing nowadays (if you notice..)

There are still a few things, that i truly miss.

I am missing the Dragon Playground near my current void deck, i am sure many would, and the younger people, might not even have a chance to see it, anymore.

Credits to photographer HERE.

Also still trying to find the Primary School friend who was staying few blocks away from me, and we used to send each other Christmas Cards, (Without using stamps, save money!!) through each others' post letter box.

Next, the much often Pasar Malam or Night Market, happening at the void decks.
The nice food, cheap things you can buy... and of course, the famous 燕窝水 (Bird Nest Drink).

This one lah, you got drink before ?? =)

It was even much large scale (Uncle Ringo style) kind of events many years ago.. with the mini rides and mini games...

Nowadays, where got such pasar malam ? Soon it might just die off in Singapore, i predict.

I missed the old HDB kind of life, and events.

So much to miss, but life still have to move on.

Someday, i will also have my own house.
If i do, i wish i can have a big big house, would love my room to look like this!! 

And my very own, movie room. ^^

If only, i have the MONEY.

Anyway, if you are looking for a house of your own, try going to!

* is the country’s leading property website. They have the largest database of listings that cover hdb flat, property for rent, private apartments, condos, landed property, commercial property, newly launched projects and even overseas property. Ultimately, they are a smart search engine for property.

Want to share your HDB story too ? Please do so !! =)


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