Friday, September 20, 2013


Its another stressful month.
Quarter End Month.
When everyone chases you at work. and i really mean EVERYONE.

So, what to de stress yourself ?

I watched Running Man shows and been too engrossed in it recently.
"跑跑人" i call it.

It's a variety show, whereby the hosts, and guest stars are being divided in teams, and playing against each other.
The hidden "R" signs hidden, and to be discovered by them.
The famous "ripping" off of the name tag, usually made us laugh out loudly, don't we?
Those funny games and missions, the producers thought of..

Some of my favourite characters are......

The spartan Kim Jong Kook.. Tiger..

The funny Lee Kwang Soo aka the Giraffe..

They also have romantic moments too!!

And, of course, The Monday Couple !!

Dont think they are real couple in life, but i sure hope they are a couple!!


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