Monday, September 2, 2013

Thank You, Hammy.

Thank you for biting me, when i tried to catch you.

Thank you for welcoming me, when i reach home, looking at me as i opened the door.

Thank you for bringing laughters, during that time when your cage was not being closed properly, and thus you ran out, and around the living room.

However, it was too sudden, that you just left us like that !

Mood changed when the news was being shared to me.
You were still alright, when i went off to work in the morning, right ?

*This photo is taken long ago, when i caught him in a cute sleeping position.

There were 2 x hamsters, now there's only 1 x left. (Guess its about time for the other one too...?)

I love animals, but dont like the truth that they will die and leave us, someday.

Thank you again, Hammy !
Miss you !


  1. *pat pat*
    well time to get a companion for your other pet :)

    - xysg

    1. Thank you, thank you sister! Guess i will stop a bit, meanwhile, spend bit more time on the other one... = )

  2. condolences to your hammy. i used to hav alot of hammies until they all left me..even my Ronnie has left me. lucky i got faith now.

    1. Thank you, Shirley! Yup, hammies life span only about 2 years?
      Sad i am... =(

      To you too ! Please take good care of Faith. =)


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