Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shotcut, is often a wrong cut.

One of the days, last week, on the way to work.

Was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to arrive.

Suddenly i saw a taxi went up the curb, and onto the pavement, and finally stopped at the grass patch area.

Upon it stopping, a lady, came jumping, and running out of the back passenger door.

It seems the driver fainted or something. Did not see anyone coming out of the driver seat, throughout the whole incident.

Luckily, the ambulance arrived shortly after, and I hope the driver is fine !

The driver might have dozed off ?

Been too tired, maybe he has been driving night shift ??

Worked too hard to keep the money coming in, and finally the body cannot take it, and lose control of the steering wheel ???

Life is short. Take good care, everyone. 


  1. Ohmy! :o Hopefully the driver is safe. :)

    1. I not too sure, i left the place when the ambulance arrived, but i hope he is fine too! =)

  2. Wow...perhaps something really happened to the bus driver. :/

    1. Yup brother, i am guessing he got too tired, and fainted or something... Hope he is fine.


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