Friday, December 20, 2013

Why are we working so hard ?

Came across a News article there other day.

Copywriter, 24, tweets about working 30 hours in a row, dies the next day.

I believed our body cannot go without rest, or at least have short breaks. The lady really worked too hard, and sadly, she eventually passed away.

In Singapore, our normal office working hours, are usually of 8am to 5pm, or 9am to 6pm.

Yes, at times, there are "unexpected" issues, we have to work later than that timing, just to meet the deadline dateline.

This is how a typical workplace is.

Work is important, it brings us the Salary or Money($), we need for all our basic needs.

Health is important, it allows us to enjoy with the Salary or Money($) we received in return.

And what i was doing on my leave yesterday ?

I ate Ice Kacang, and people watching in a rather empty food court.

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