Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When you are disconnected from the mobile world........

Singapore currently have 3 x Telcoms Operators.
( A Green coloured one. An Orange coloured one. And a Red coloured one. )

About one week ago, i switched over to another Telcom in Singapore. Actually tried out the other two telcoms before i decided on doing this.

One week later, i got no signal when i reached office this morning.

And then, i realized their mobile line was down (Again).

Oops!! Didn't i just jump over to it ??

The best thing, that could happen, i received their bill today. (HAHA!)

Anyway, am being compensated with one day of free local mobile calls, local SMS and MMS on this Sunday, 9 Feb 2014.

Call, Sms, MMS me. 

May it gets Better, with Lesser downtime, and More benefits to all customers. 

HUAT ah ~!

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