Monday, August 4, 2014

The story of Zhu Zhu (猪猪) and Niu Niu (牛牛).

Let me tell you a self-made story today.


Far far away, there is a farm.

There are many animals in the farm.
Everyone live happily together.
Everyday the animals will be given some time to have lunch or play at that big piece of grassland just nearby the farm.

Our main character today :-
(1) Zhu Zhu (猪猪), who is a cute little pig.

(2) Niu Niu (牛牛), a cow. A rather "big cow"

Life at the farm was rather peaceful everyday, morning breakfast, afternoon lunch, dinner in the evening.
Of course some "bad weather" situations once in a while.

Zhu Zhu and Niu Niu, although living in different areas of the farm, will also talk to each other as and when they are given the chance to.

One fine day, during the "play time" at the grass area, Zhu Zhu was unable to find Niu Niu.
He went around asking the other animals of Niu Niu whereabouts.
The other animals were unaware of where Niu Niu went.
Zhu Zhu went back to farm, feeling puzzled and sad.

"Could he have got lost somewhere?"
"Could he have been killed off as meat by the farmer??"

Niu Niu did not mention where did he go to.

What happened to Niu Niu, and where did he go to ?
No animals know.
Farmer did not say anything.
No signs or whatsoever.

Niu Niu "evaporated" from the farm since that day.


Last week, i encountered my colleague aka lunch khaki some sort like Niu Niu, who also sort of "evaporated' from the company.


Scary for me.

It might also happen to me, won't it ?

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