Monday, March 23, 2015

What The Fish

We went Prawn Fishing, lah...! ^^

So lucky it rained when we arrived. 

It was a different experience, prawn fishing on a rainy day, seems to find it harder to notice that our bait got a bite in the whole 3 hours.

It was rather crowded.
There were people, who went there on a leisure purpose. (Gathering was the main idea.)
Yet there are a few, who seems to take it too seriously. (I should have taken a picture of their killer eyes.)

Why so serious ? 

Anyway, in the 3 hours, we chit chat, and we caught 9 of them !! HAHA

Yes it might look easy, but some of the prawns are so cleverly trained, it even tried to cut the fishing line.

We shall catch more of them the next time around !

Let's go again, soon ??

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