Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tulip, i see you !

Sorry, this is a super outdated post.

I went to this Tulip festival during May, and took tons of photos.

Smart to have this air conditioned area, as the whole place was all open air, and hot around. HAHA!

Arrive real early, to avoid the crowd, but was rather unsuccessful.
It was still crowded. 

Well, alright, this picture may not say much.

However there were challenges when we try to take photos.
People squeezing, people taking their own sweet time to pose, and of course tons of photo bombs.

Due to work, i went on weekends, could it be lesser people on a week day ?

It was my first time there, and saw a lot of interesting flowers, and plants.

Fun trip ! ^^

More photos ! at:

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