Friday, June 19, 2009

Haze may return to Singapore By Desmond Wong, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 19 June 2009 1711 hrs SINGAPORE: Drier conditions as a result of possible El Nino effects later this year could see the haze returning to Singapore. The best way for Singapore to mitigate this danger is to work with its partners in Indonesia, said Environment and Water Resources Minister Yaacob Ibrahim. He said: "This year, for example, we're a bit worried, because there are could see El Nino coming back. El Nino conditions are drier than usual, and that is a cause for concern for us because the haze situation could worsen." Singapore has been working with Indonesia's Jambi province to reduce slash-and-burn activities by farmers there. The minister also said that the sharing of information and co-operation across governments is critical to avoid disrupting events like the Formula One (F1) race as the dry season heats up. Dr Yaacob said: "The dry season is starting now - July, August, September. If you look back at 1997 and 2006...September, October...was really the peak. I do not know if that will happen, but if it does, it will affect our (hosting of) F1. So there are many things we should be concerned about and we have informed the Indonesians that they have to do something about it." The minister was speaking at the opening of the Sea to Space building, home of the Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing or CRISP. The National Environment Agency (NEA) is on its guard against the increase of forest fires in Indonesia, and CRISP will be lending the abilities of its new GeoEye ground station to help NEA monitor hot spots. - CNA/ir This explains my sore throat.. LoL.. Today is company off day, so we got an off day, and we had a little gathering.. a nice lunch with colleagues, and ex colleagues. Let's meet up again soon! Tomorrow, science centre! =P

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