Sunday, June 21, 2009

Science Centre Trip 20 June 09

It was a fun and educational day. Was with 2 friends, to Science Centre for the Da Vinci exhibition. After going there,all i can say, he is a super genius! Sorry, camera and usage of phone was restricted in the exhibition.(so no pictures) If you really want to know, please get ready 15 bucks to go in. = ) Anyway, the science centre is always a place i love to visit ! Many things to learn, and try out~ A drum that beats, to your heart beat.. The amazing phone that allows me to talk to pretty girl.. The 2 pretty ladies who took photo with me... =P And of course, my motivation till end of year 2009........................ Haha ! Rest of the pictures are on my facebook. I am going to sleep, tml got to wake u early to do projects.... Work hard, Hong Wei !!

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