Saturday, September 26, 2009

It was a great Primary School meet up on Thurs night. To think that we have not meet some of them for like........ 10 years? LoL We lost contacts, and we found each other back again.. Hope to find more of our PEPS friends! If you know me, leave me a tag! Or email me... or call me... or..... Whatever...! lol A group photo.. A collage.. See if you can recognize anyone ? =) Where are my primary school mates ?! * * * * * * * * Meet my friends for dinner at Marina Square. It was the trial race for the F1 race which is going on this weekends. We did not paid for the tickets, so just had to stand behind the "protected fence". ( Personally i feel like a monkey, with those who bought tickets looking at us through the fences.. ) Anyway, we only managed to glance a bit of the cars.. they were too fast, our view was Bad.. haha! After a while, we got bored and continued with dinner... They got a little exhibition inside the shopping centre. But the engine sounds are so loud... and its still running inside my head.... The Vroom...... Vroom........ Vroom.............................. Are you a F1 fan ? Eh...... ok lah!! =) Its 1.30am! Got to sleep, am going to do some volunteer work tomorrow morning. Good night and happy weekends ! ^_^

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