Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My driving theory test experience..

I sleep very early. (10 hours of sleep) I reached earlier at the place. I confidently tapped the answers on the touch screen. (even scroll through all the questions a second time) Result : FAIL I will be going again! =D Anyone can give me tuition anot?


  1. Which stage are you at?

  2. Jenny, i still at the Basic Theory. =Z

  3. Wahh...Maybe Aussie test is easier to pass than Singapore's :P I don't know if I dare to drive in Sg, the drivers in Sg are so scary!

    Not sure if you can access WA's licensing website, they have a trial test, maybe you can try their questions out? Think driving rules would not differ too much between the countries? I can't be sure though...I never got a copy of the Sg's driver's handbook...

    Anyway, if it helps, website is here:

    Just click on the "Theory test sample quiz".

    Hope that helps you! Good luck!

  4. Wow! Thank u!! =D
    Will try it out.
    Next test its on the 19 Oct. Wish me many luck! =P


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