Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cleared a paper today!

Hi all, i took my first paper today! It was alright, but brain was blank towards the end of the paper. What's done, can't be undone, just hope for the best! One more paper next week, on the 10th. Go Hong Wei ! =) * * * * * * * * Some updates from last week. 28 Nov 2009. A happy occasion. My dear friend, and great pal, Kenneth, who served the Army with me got married! It was a great gathering for the Army pal group. It was fun, fun and more fun! =) * * * * * * * * Remember the Nepalese orphans (Link at the side of my blog) ? My friend already flew over and they managed pay off the school fees and even got a bank account in Nepal for the children as reserve! I am so happy to hear this..! And best of all, she mailed me a photo of the kids, and they even wrote 'Thank You' at the back of it. So touched! Shall be taking note of their status, and will continue to help if they need it. Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ~Author Unknown Nice weekends to all! =)

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