Sunday, December 20, 2009

My first Christmas Gift from friend for 2009

Another Christmas gift from my friend, last night.
It was chocolates in 'Seashell' Shapes.
Such a sweet girl ! =)

Have you receive yours ? =)

* * * * * * * *

Recently i feel work had been hectic and really had totally drained me out.
Been working here for five years, but things changed a lot this year.
People volunteering to leave the company, people resigning, management style changing...

I can't seem to find the motivation i got previously..

I seem to be dragging myself to work everyday. 
The little voice that tells me : '' Hong Wei, its a good day, today!"
Where did you go to ?

Please come back soon!


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  2. I know work gets to be a drag after years of monotony ! Still, we must count our blessings that we r employed. Jobless ppl in Europe r having a hard time, esp the homeless in this freezing weather.

  3. To Aaron: Hi, Email you already. =)

    To Dutchie: Hi, Thank you for the encouragement! I do feel down and discouraged, but no worries, i won't let it stay for too long! =)


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