Monday, December 21, 2009

Poll Result : Music or not on Blogs ?

After a week, 3 people voted. Haha! Better than none. =)
Results as shown. =)

It seems people still like music to be played on Blogs.
But 1 of them did voted a 'No'.
Some of the reasons i gathered are that the reader is actually already blasting or listening to music on their computer and when they visited blogs, the blog's music was more to a nuisance than music to them.

Personally, i took them off mine and blog seems to load faster. =)
I also shifted and kinda 'renovated' it, will still be fine-tuning it. (Not an expert, am still learning..)

This week is a long week, with me being involved in organizing the company's Christmas buffet lunch and dinner, predicted i have to work till late(I predict 9pm or later..) on 24th, which is Christmas Eve! While some companies are having half day or off day, I have to work. Zzzz..
Might have to forgo the Christmas party my friends invited me to.. got to see the situation on Thursday.

So is your company having half day or off day on Christmas Eve and last day of the year?
Just for info, I have to work full day. =[

In case i be too busy to post this week, hereby wishing my readers, my friends, and all those who knows me a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! =)

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