Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lunch with Friends on a Lazy Sunday

It was the 'first day' of my back to civilian life.. Met up with friends for lunch at Orchard 313.

We went to a restaurant called Trattoria. An Italian restaurant.
Their food was more of pastas and pizza.
Something nice thing about them, they gave us each a piece of their bread, (sorry, not sure the name of it) as their 'Welcome Food' while we wait for the food to be served.

I personally feel its a good move, how do you think? =)

After lunch, we went to watch movie: "The Spy Next Door"

Nice movie, and whole cinema was laughing.. The little girl was so cute! =)

Then we continued with dinner at Xin Wang. (food again) LoL

Great food, but the senior waitress was weird, keep staring at our table, and asking if can clear our plates.
Hmm hmm... 

Nice Sunday, spent with lovely friends !

Shall see them again, real soon... =)

Been coughing and sneezing, since Sunday while i was with them, guess im getting sick, soon.....
Was drinking honey, poping strepsils, and drinking tons of water...

Hope i am better tomorrow.

Off to bed! =)


  1. Is Trattoria reasonably priced?

  2. $70 for 3 person, so about $23/person?
    For the service, and the atmosphere of the place, I feel its reasonable.
    Anyway, the food is not bad. =)


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