Thursday, January 21, 2010

Updates for the week...

Still trying to adjust the mood into working life this week..

First day back in office, cleared the 2 weeks worth of emails, went for meetings(in prepare for the company dinner and dance in March), helped out the company "Appreciation lunch" today.. the rest of time, work, work work...

A new colleague joined in my department this week.
A very young lady, to help out, in the function of our department.
Boss 'arrowed' me the task to guide her along of her work.. (Boss gave me chance to get to know her, hor? haha.. )
Anyway, welcome her into the company and lets work hard together ! =)

Have you started collecting the Doraemon lucky charms from Macdonalds? Its $2 each with any purchase. When i saw the advertisement of them i already decided to get them. lol...
But then hor, later i realized: its 12 chinese zodiac animals without the 'PIG' charms ??!!

How complete is it without the 'PIG'? And somemore its the year im born in. -___-

However!! *drums roll sound*
Now they got a poll to see if you are interested in the Pig charm... (Of course i voted for YES!! )

Cast your vote too ! -----> Poll for 'Pig' lucky charm

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