Friday, February 12, 2010

My birthday celebration 2010 and Happy Chinese New Year !

This might be a long post.. =)

Yet again, its my birthday again! Another year had gone past just like that.
Many great friends treated me good food, flooded me with birthday sms, on Twitter, Facebook, face to face.. all sorts !

I have to say again (Already said it many times..), a big THANK YOU ! =)

On the actual birthday on 11th Feb, everything was simple.
It was a dinner gathering with a few good friends at Jurong Point. I did the organizing, ordered and collected my own cake from Bakerzin.(sounds weird?)

All i told my friends, was : Just attend ! =)

The great friends !


The cake-excited Hong Wei..

My present.. =)

Before this dinner, my lovely colleagues also gave me a present.

Shopping Vouchers ! Shopping time !! =P

And after few trips of shopping, i finally found a iphone case that i like!

And to end this part, I thank you to all my friends, all those who wished me Happy Birthday,buy me presents,treat me good food.
Virtual hugs to all of ya! <3 

* * * * * * * *
Today i was on leave and its also my Lunar birthday, how nice? =P
Every year, Gandma would cook me meehoon with pig liver, and with two eggs ! Yums~

Looks nice, tasted even better! =)

(Sorry this post is so naggy, ok i cut short here ! )
Wishing all of you a Happy Chinese New Year, and enjoy the holidays ! =)

Ending with a picture i took at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.



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