Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ready for Chinese New Year ?

5 days to Chinese New Year.

How's the preparations going?
Have you done spring cleaning? - I have not, actually.
Have you bought new clothes?? - I did not, too. ( i guess my clothes i bought during normal days are enough.. =P )
Have you taken leave to celebrate??? - YES i just did!! I be on leave on 12th ! YEAH!!

I been eating Bah Gua, pineapple tarts, the cookies.. and so much more!
One thing i have to remind is the Mandarin Oranges. (I ate one today and been coughing since... sad! ) So my dear friends, take note this, ok?

The crowds at my neighbourhood was horrible.. its like everyone is buying things, and the whole NTUC supermarket was packed!!

And if anyone noticed, Chinese New Year is also the time to throw things. (Take a look around the rubbish at your void deck... imagine the amount of waste we created?? ) 

* * * * * * * *
My colleague, Robert,  gave the whole office people a surprise today !

First time he did this, we were so surprised! = )

I shall go to bed, as this week is a busy week.. meeting friends tomorrow and Thursday night.

Take care and have fun !

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