Friday, February 5, 2010

Dinner on a nice Thursday night..

Meet up Jessie, my "little sister" (We happened to have same surname too! lol.. )

We went Manhattan Fish Market, Marina Square branch. I really enjoyed their food, i was eating their food on last Sat, and then the following Thurs. Haha!

They are having this 1-For-1 lobster promotion at $28.80. Added $4.90 for the "Perfect Catch" offer (With Iced Tea and Soup of the Day), With lobster, fish, calamari, fries, and rice, i feel its pretty worth it! =)

Go try it out! =)

And i saw this video from Facebook, want to share to more friends.

Can't read my, Can't read my..
No he can't read my poker face... 


Tennis tomorrow, great weekends to all my friends! =) 


  1. Hi ShiJing, Thank u for visiting my blog!

    Different people have different taste.
    I like the food, although they are fried, but they do not have the oily feel,where the oil just keep dripping off..(At least to me) Thats why i went back within a week after eating the first time. Hehe~!

    If there's a chance you should try~ And remember to post it up in your Food Galore blog? =)

    Hong Wei


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