Monday, February 1, 2010

Surprise from the Letterbox !

I open the letterbox and saw a squarish envelope attention to me. 

"Could it be the EP i ordered?? " I thought to myself...  Opened it, and WOW!~ It's the KEEP! Kewei & Einein EP i ordered ! =) 

Been a silent fan of Ke Wei, i watched their youtube videos, read her blog, followed her on Twitter.. (oops, not so silent after all, Haha!)

It was so sweet they wrote a small message on the EP cover!

Am listening to the CD while im typing this entry, its nice and if you are interested to get one, you can go to here



  1. it wouldnt be a surprise since you ordered it right.. haha.. =P

  2. ya i thought kewei gave it to u as a gift...
    hey nice songs! - OH!

  3. To Ken: Thx u for visiting! =) But still, its a 'Surprise' lol =)
    To Oh: Go get one! Nice~


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