Friday, March 26, 2010

what have i gone to ?

It was a dinner and meeting up with sailesh88 and lilvalkrie

We went to try out the Once Upon A Milkshake that we been hearing about!

I love the colour of the wall, Purple! LoL..!

The drinks we had..

And of course, the happy people !

The drinks were not bad, it tasted sweet but not to the level of sweetness that i dont like.. overall its nice! =)
To find out more, you can click HERE ! Try it !

After this we headed over to Harry's Bar for drinks and chit chat.. crazy conversations and fun!

* * * * * * * *

OK, are you ready for the 'not so happy' parts?

*roll drums*
That is : i fell sick the next day! (Laughter cans background)

It was 39.7 Degree Celsius!

Doctor stared at me, thinking how can i work EIGHT hours with that kind of fever..? ( i don't know too! ) 
I got myself two days Medical Certificate (MC).

Thinking i would be better to go back to work on Friday, i got diarrhoea, producing 'watery products' every 15 minutes, on Thursday ! (sad...) 
Went back to the doctor, she told me it might be a virus attack from flu to gastric flu..
I got myself another one day MC.

Ok, three days MC = three days rest. What a way to get long weekends !

I hope i can enjoy myself at tomorrow's BBQ session..
* Please don't rain? *

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