Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Visit to the Central Fire Station

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.
I am currently busy with work and also the company Dinner & Dance, which is on next Friday. Do bear with me, as i be back real soon! =)

I was very honored to be invited to an event to visit the Central Fire Station last Sat, thank you 24seven, Kris and Diana ! =)

It was definitely an eye opener for me as the only time i can see handsome firemen or the fire engine were dramas from the television..

This is Lta Foo, who was the host of the day..

We got chance to wear this, however it was too small for me.. Boo~
Anyway, can you guess who this is? HAHA~

I wanted to try this, which was able to bring us to the 8th floor.. but then sadly, there was some problem with it, and as safety we could not try it. ( Shall go again next time! )

Over here, they are trying to show us how they can convert a Honda Civic to a convertible..

A little boy suddenly appeared (from somewhere) and shows signs of: "i want to be a fireman when i grow up.." So Lta Foo carried him up the front seat to let him try.

He seems to enjoy it.. Haha~

We then proceed to the Heritage Gallery to see the history of fire-fighting.

It was a nice trip, my first time to a fire station, get to know more about the firemen, *salutes to all firemen!* and if you are interested to go, its open to public every Sat from 9 to 11am.

Like how the sign said: "All are Welcome!"

Some more pictures over here !


  1. Didn't know that they have an open house every week :)

  2. =)
    Hi Samuel, Yup.. i only know it when i visited it. =)


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