Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekends and No more exams!! (for the time being..)

After one and a half year of tears and sweat..
I want to announce: I cleared all modules in the part time diploma course i took ! Which means, i graduate ! =D

So happy when i checked online and saw the results i got.. although it was not straight A's but i am very pleased with myself, as i know i tried my best!

*Good job, Hong Wei !*
* * * * * * * *

I meet up Simon for supper on Sat night for Roti Prata at Bukit Gombak last night.. It was a last minute arrangement and i guess we both enjoy it.. =P

The food we had..

There you go, Simon ! =)

We chatted all the way till 4am.. and i took a 30 minutes walk home, luckily we stayed very near to each other.. Haha!!

We were talking about iphone applications and taking pictures, to introduce one of the applications he had (i downloaded it after which..),
Simon took a photo of me and used it to help me to look more 'handsome'..

First time i looked so great!
Pass anot? Hehe..


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