Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Long Weekends!

Hello all~ Happy Long Weekends!
Have you been enjoying yourself?

I know i did ! =)

An sudden feeling of going exercising, with soccer with my colleagues, and badminton this morning.Although the body aches, i still enjoyed the sports! Haha!

Another place i visited on Sat was the National Museum of Singapore.
It was an exhibition called : Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt

It showcased 230 artefacts to let us know more about ancient Egyptian’s attitude to life and the afterlife, and the preparations they made to ensure their transition from earthly existence to immortality. My friend and i took about 2+ hours to finish the exhibition.

The very nice entrance.

Amazed over the cravings on them..

Too many photos i took, until my digital camera went low battery.. haha!Some pictures are taken with my Iphone.

What ever it is, amazing is my conclusion !

I also went to watch Clash of the Titans!
It was great~ 5 out of 5 stars, i give!
You should watch it !

So what have you been doing during this long weekends? =)


  1. hey hey... i also want to go and see the Egypt exhibition :)

  2. It was amazing! But then it ended last Sunday 4 Apr. =(

  3. i love ancient Egypt stuffs. Its so full of mystery with amazing cultures. Lucky you get to see these stuffs live. Are those sculptures authentic?

  4. Roselind: thank u for visiting my blog!
    Yup, i guess the sculptures are authentic, some even are like having damages to them.
    Might be done while digging them, i guess?


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