Monday, April 19, 2010

Iceland volcano erupts.. European flights interrupted.

Through today's newspaper, i found out an Iceland volcano erupted..!
Causing a cloud of ashes, it interrupted many air flights in Europe.. and airports closed..

From a news article from CNN, --> HERE
Airports have lost close to 136 million euros ($184 million U.S.) so far, said Olivier Jankovec, director general of Airports Council International Europe, a group that represents airports. More than 6.8 million passengers have been affected, he said.

Wow~ 136 million euros!!!

It seems like the ash cloud is moving towards more European countries..

I am concerned about this as i am traveling overseas end of the month, but luckily not to Europe, only Penang, lah..! Hope the volcano ashes can clear up soon, and the flights back to normal, again...

To those affected: take care and stay calm.

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