Monday, April 12, 2010

Little outing to Resorts World Sentosa with parents !

Brought parents to Resorts World Sentosa on Sat afternoon!
It was a last minute affair, as both of them were on off days..

And so we set off after lunch.. took the MRT, it was crowded, no seats found. (even though mum kiasu-ly ran in when the doors opened.) So Papa and Mama, got to stand...

We reached Outram Park, it was a long walk (for parents) to the North East line. Once again, crowded. Mum stared at the escalator, i told her with a smile : the crowds never ends!

Reached HarbourFront station, and i decided to bring them to use the Sentosa Express, a S$140 million light rail system that provides easy access to Sentosa,
Seeing we could use the ez-link card to get onto the train, parents went through the gates, but ! Ding Ding!! My card din get through..!

"Sorry, Nets flashpay ez-link card can't be used.." the cute boy told me at the gates.
"ARGH" was what went through my mind and had to run to buy their $3/- Sentosa pass, before joining back with parents..

Was kinda pissed off with this as i had to let them stand there to wait for me in between the crowds.. -__-"

Anyway! We reach Sentosa, Resorts World Sentosa!!

The huge Universal Studio planet logo..

Stood outside the gates and took this.. =)

Of course, brought them to Casino(*Cash Register sound*), but only the outside, Haha!!
It was alot of people, visitors, people there hoping to win some money..

A little pond..

Some of the nice designs they have inside the Resort..
Papa went "Wah" when inside, he was amazed at the nicely done lightings..

An unique elephant with very thin legs statue i saw..

I like these escalators, that changes colours.. but then i start to wonder the number of lighting tubes, and how much energy they used? Hmm.. hmm...

But anyway, we went home soon after the walk around. It was enough walking for the parents, i knew. =)

I wish i can bring them out more often, but I can't, as they are not able to walk too long distance, and would need to find seats to rest once in a while (in which it's lacking in many places.. SIGH!)

Whatever it is, i hope they enjoyed the trip! =)


  1. wow looks cool. I haven't been there leh.

  2. So nice of you to bring your parents to see the new place, bro! Even though they were tired from the walking, I'm sure they enjoyed themselves! ;)

  3. To Rachel: You should go take a look! Wait like few months later, i feel.. some parts are not open yet. =)

    To Stumpbo: =) Thank you, sis! Hope to bring them to more places in the future.

  4. i was wondering if it's too hot for games there? coz i've been to the one in japan n the cool breeze is just nice..

  5. Hi Merryn,
    Thank you for visiting my blog! =)

    I not sure about it, but i guess it will be real hot in Singapore (It's summer all year long), imagine you standing and queuing up for the rides!! =)

    Visiting Singapore soon?


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