Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday walkabout..

Hi all, how's the Sunday going?

Today, i went Bugis, for praying at Temple. And of course, the usual walk about the area..
Before i reached the temple, something interesting caught my eye!

This guy stood so still, for so long.. haha!

Went over to Bugis Junction, and there was a Singapore International Racing Festival.

They displayed a few models of horses with interesting names!
One named: Speedy Gonzales, the other: Princess Victoria.. =)

A Lee Cooper advertisement.. ( the scooter, nice!! )

And i bought something for myself! An earphone~ =)

* * * * * * * *
I be visiting Penang end of the week, for a short holiday.
As i am not wearing contact lens, i bought a cheap clip-on sunglasses..!

Nice? HAHA!!


  1. Rachel: It clips onto the 'bridge' of the specs, something like this -->

    Can flip up, some more.. Hehe~ =) Interested to get one?


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