Monday, May 3, 2010

Little updates...

Hi all, im back from a weekend overseas trip from Penang! All recharged~ =)
Still trying to compile and blog about it.. within this week, i hope.

Shall blog about the night in which i meet up with my ex-classmates then. =)

It was dinner at Charcoal Gourmet Deli Bar, located at High Street (somewhere near Funan Centre) Please see this website for more info.It was a restaurant with Shatec students serving us, other than the changing of our table for 3 times, the food was good ! =)

We all ordered the set dinner.

The starter dish..

The soup..

The salmon fish.. the fried garlic on top of it, i love it! =)

A nice cup of tea, before the desserts...

The dessert ! =)

The people ! =)
* * * * * * * *

And it was also a mini tweet-up gathering ( sorry, i was late! =x )

Meeting up : @simontay78 (opps ! he taking the picture) @perignonic @ir3n3loh @shuzh3n @avalanchelynn + cute cute Pea (",)

Hope to meet up again, soon!

* * * * * * * *

With the sudden news of company being bought over by an U.S company last week, whole company is experiencing the 'low-moral' period, with no 100% assurance to what will happen to us..

"what will happen?" Is what i think about everyday.. Sigh..
Hope things will be much clearer by July (date line for the complete of the sell off deal)

Meanwhile a super duper retro song to motivate yourself ! =)


你不要哭哭啼啼過一生 一定要開開心心過一生

啊 雖然是人人的想法不同 終歸是可愛的人生
得 意的時候你拾起了頭 失意的時候你不必煩憂
安安樂樂地渡過難關 安安樂樂地渡過難關

啊 可愛的人生 可愛人生 讓我來祝福你的人生
你不要癡心妄想過一生 一定要腳踏實地過一生

啊 雖然是人人的想法不同 終歸是可愛的人生
只要是一 雙手不怕吃苦 只要是經得起暴雨狂風
說說笑笑地渡過難關 說說笑笑地渡過難關

啊可愛的人生 可愛的人生 讓我來祝福你的人生

Lyrics from here.

No give up! Keep going~ !


  1. wonderful gathering session with nice foods! :D

  2. I usually dun take fancy in cooked salmon but that pic looks simply appetizing

  3. Blog about your Penang trip leh :)

  4. Caroline: Thank you! =)

    Dblchin: It's very nice, to me!! You should try~ =)

    Rachel: I am compiling the photos from friends too. Stay tuned! =)


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