Sunday, May 30, 2010

A week, full of events..

Thank you to @omgzam for inviting me to a Tweet Tuesday event on the 25 May.
Good job in organizing, @omgzam and thank you @thegardenslug for the nice place. =)

The Garden Slug is located at the East. A very nice quiet corner, very relaxing i would say. =)
The food? Nothing to comment, nicely cooked, and the portion suited me so well. (Large portion) LoL !
Go try it someday! 

The event started with Miss Desiree Koh, who is also the one behind The Lens Men

She shared with us how she started Tweeting, and using Twitter to brand The Lens Men. Nice!

Next was Sean,

He also shared his thoughts too, and how he got into twittering and social media... Nice!!

* * * * * * * *

A mini gathering at Manhattan Fish Market, with Twitter friends! =)
We had fun chatting, and we get to know each other better, *winks* Haha! 
Shall gather you all again!

Sam, Simon, Cedric, and me. With 2 Sharons. Haha!! =)

* * * * * * * *

Friday, was Vesak Day, and a public holiday. A few colleagues/friends, decided to go into Malaysia, Johor, for shopping. =)

The Dim Sam breakfast..

Lunch at Ah Koong Restaurant...
Had fishball noodles here..

The whole table full of food ! Chicken, Satays, Stingrays, Chicken Wings.. slurps~

The things i bought.. =)
3 x t-shirts, 1 x long-sleeve shirt, 2 x shorts, 1 x water bottle.

So what have you been doing for this long weekends? =)

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