Saturday, May 22, 2010

My unusual feelings towards Snails...


As according to Wikipedia, due to its slowness, the snail has traditionally been seen as a symbol of laziness.

However, personally, i find it is a creature having very great determination!
It may be moving slowly, takes up tons of time to reach its target/destination.. it doesn't give up easily and carried on moving.

That's what i called : Determination!

It was raining for the past few morning, and when i was walking towards the pickup point of the company's transport one morning.......

Nothing much about this tree, right?

Walked closer, and i found a snail !!

(Laugh at me) I stood there and watched it climbed slowly up the tree bark. =)
I am very amazed at how it can travel from the pavement, onto the grass, and up the tree bark, with its "home". (the shell on its back)

And i went Youtube to find more videos..

The "Ugly Duckling" - Snails version

And (inserts the girls screaming) 周杰倫 - 蝸牛

With this, i want to say sorry to the few snails i accidentally stepped on. *Bows sorry*
Now people, slow down at times to check for them and also, dont be too stressed !

Life is stressful enough, it is better to slow down sometimes to take a look at the little creatures or happenings around you. 

Snails, i salute you! =)


  1. That is such a cute clip of snails! Ya hope people don't step on these poor things unknowingly!

  2. when we move slowly, we are able to see more things, and learn more things.

    when we move too fast, we often missed out a lot of wonderful things in our life.

    therefore, it is good to do work as slow as a snail sometimes in our life...

  3. interesting post about snails. :)

    but i still will runaway if u show me real snails. >.<


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