Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gathering, and goodies..

Managed to gather the primary school classmates on Thurday!
We went Din Tai Fung at Jurong Point, my first time there.
Food was nice, especially the Xiao Long Bao ! =)

We chatted alot, and many catching up, the last gathering was like a year ago?
And then, we came out with another page of to-do-list.. (haha!)

Just wondering how many we can do..? lol

The boys, and girl. =)

* * * * * * * *

And today, my friend and i went all the way, taking the Circle Line to Bartley, to collect goodies bag from SPCA.

After this, we went to Jurong Point, Swensens for lunch.

The main course : Breaded Chicken Meuniere

My desserts : Coit Tower

Curious to know, whats in the goodies bag ? =P

Look at the amount of goodies in it!

Personally, i like the little info card they gave...

The front of the card..

The back..

Conclusion : Be Kind to Animals. 


  1. errr... can i hve the Coit Tower??? *wink*

  2. Sure Caroline! One day when you come over to Singapore, me shall treat you! =)

  3. Very nice post about helping animals, Soh!

    SPCA can only do so much. They will euthanize animals if they are not adopted by deadlines (SPCA sets them). Do encourage people to adopt pets from SPCA instead of buying pets from pet stores - you'll be saving more of them!


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