Sunday, June 27, 2010

Updates.. Updates..

Hello all my friends!

Today i went for a SPCA fun run event at MacRitchie Reservoir. It was a 4.8km run with most of them in the forest area (as a result: my shoes got dirty) but overall, it was fun and i am looking forward to the next upcoming run, which is in Sept. =)

Rachel was there too ! =)

Get to know Meyinn, Rachel's friend. =)

* * * * * * * *
Some of you maybe wondering, how come recently Hong Wei is not been regularly on Twitter, Facebook, or even write something on his blog ?

Just want to tell you : It was a very busy period for me.

Firstly, my current company is going through a acquisition and there are many things (paperwork, our new appoointment, etc..) needed to be done.
I am still amazed & disappointed that the new company gave me an Admin Assistant post (ARGH)

The other thing that really is getting onto me is : my grandma being hospitalized.
She started with a pain in the leg area, and then last week it turned into a backpain too.. till now she is still staying there, resting.
I hope she get better, and be back home soon.

Thank you all friends and colleagues who knows about this matter, and trying their best to cheer me up.
I just want to say : Thank you!

Shall update again, soon.

Take care, everyone! 


  1. auww sorry to hear dat. wish ur grandma get well soon yea. cheer up no matter wat k? :)

  2. No wonder you seem quiet on Twitter lately, take care ya! Bless your grandma to get well soon. :)

  3. Take care bro! Your Grandma will be ok! :)


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